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The OTZMA Method

Natural Way for Personal Safety

Personal Security

Day after day we hear about violent or other harmful incidents.

What hits the press is the tip of the iceberg. Most cases are “minor” and do not make it to the news. Nevertheless they are very shocking and traumatic to the victims.

We are all at risk and we are all exposed one way or another to harmful events. Our sense of personal security is often questionable.

The main question is - what do we do about it?

Do we let fear and anxiety control and manage our lives?

Do we live in denial?

Are we more frustrated and angry and let our rage lead us?

All of that is perfectly understood, yet it impairs the quality of our lives, health and our joy of living. BUT there is a better option…


Despite the fact that we cannot control everything, nor be prepared for all harms at all times, we can easily obtain a great set of simple intuitive yet effective tools that in a very short time will provide us with the understanding and know-how to prevent or minimize the risk of violence/exposure to danger, the ability to protect ourselves should we need to and to improve the overall sense of security and well-being. 

What is personal security and what is the sense of personal Safety?

Personal security involves the protection of our lives, health and property from a variety of threats to which we are exposed on a daily basis, be it Crime, Terror, Nature Disasters, Accidents or any other crises.

Whilst the level of our personal security can be measured by objective criteria, our sense of personal security is a subjective feeling.

This “feeling” was found to affect the quality of our lives with direct relation to our health and happiness. As such, personal security and our sense of Safety are essential ingredients in our well-being and should be addressed as such.

What do we mean by "Natural Way"

Often what can tip the scale in a time of need is our awareness, conduct and our physical, mental and cognitive response.

Our body and mind contain natural preserve mechanisms which can do wonders if we only let them.

Given the right conditions and practice, we can awake and evoke these abilities to serve us in times of need as well to enhance our abilities in our daily routine.

The good news is that our learning and practice protocol is also natural, flowing, enjoyable and transformative.


Our Mission is to restore and enhance your level of personal security as well as your Sense of Personal Safety, based on true and valid information and practice that will establish in a very short time the understanding and skill level to function and cope in a variety of reality based scenarios.

We will provide you with the proper and most Natural and easy to learn tools to be aware of yourself and your surroundings, to manage your feelings and emotions, to move, respond and protect yourself and your loved ones.


It is your Natural Birth Given Right to know and to be able to protect yourselves!

Your Personal Security and Sense of Safety are now within your reach!

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Otzma System is not just about fighting! It’s about you coming back home to your loved ones, It’s about preserving your life, your health, your freedom and your wellness.

We have special short term training programs (a couple of days to a week) on a variety of topics all designed to promote your personal safety and wellness in the shortest and most effective way, be it Standard or Tailor Made to fit your specific needs.


We offer Workshos and Personal Protection Programs.

Otzma Systems

What is Otzma?

Otzma is the Hebrew word for raw potential force.

In Otzma System we awake you to find this core within you so you may utilize it in times of need as well as to improve your day to day function – Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

It is the fastest and most practical methodology for one’s self protection and a good foundation to one’s personal evolution.

We believe that your wellness and growth is based on your personal sense of safety.

Your personal sense of safety is mainly based on the level of confidence you have with respect to your abilities to handle yourself as needed when needed.

One’s abilities are not only Physical. Understanding threats and the nature of conflicts, means of prevention, de-escalation and strategy of confrontation is imperative. Knowledge is power!

Otzma System – Who is it for?


For any man who wishes to protect his family.

For any woman who wishes to feel safe and be aware of her power.

For any boy or girl whom innocence we wish to preserve.

For any business man/woman who is out on the road.

For any Combative who is out on a mission.

What is Special in Otzma System?

It is so very logical, easy to learn and to implement!

The emphasis is on the principles of natural movement and natural response of our body and mind.

Given the right conditions and guidance your own personal movement and response intelligence will be put into practice and you will learn to harness these to your advantage.

Since it is all very simple, natural, flowing and reality based it is very easy to absorb and remember – it is already part of us!

Otzma System contains all elements

Personal Security and Self Protection do not start with knowing how to fight!

It begins with awareness which enables proper conduct, attention to the surroundings and alertness.

It progresses to de-escalation based on verbal and non-verbal communication skills when possible to apply.

When there is no other way out, one may be forced to physically protect himself.

These are the three protection circles that we teach:

Threats Prevention

Threats Management

Threats Neutralization

Not only that, our easy Response Algorithm will teach what to do and when to do so.

Otzma System is for you to keep and remember

Not only it is easy to learn and hard to forget, we provide you with a set of practice exercises so you can Own and Hone your skills as time goes by.

We also provide an excellent set of Physical Exercises to promote your overall Functional Fitness. 

Furthermore, we are always here for you for future and more advanced teachings.


Otzma System is fun to learn

Animals and humans alike acquire their hunting/chasing and fighting skills by means of play and game.

This is so efficient! So we decided to go back to our playground to teach ourselves the most basic and raw survival skills. Then add the more combative nature and stress management elements. Our goal is to feel good and comfortable, to be able to defuse tension and fear rather than overcoming it…

Otzma System is reality based

Otzma System was formed and structured based on years of experience within the martial arts world, tactical and combat experience, teaching methodologies and analysis of harmful events and violent incidents which taught us plenty on aggressor and victim behavior.

About Nimrod Z. Astel

Martial Arts Specialist, Tactical consultant, Action Choreographer and Coordinator, Agent for Action Extras.

Martial arts school owner, chief instructor, representative of international martial arts organizations, special instructor to elite forces and founder of Otzma System.

With vast knowledge in traditional arts (Karate 6th Dan black belt - Goju Ryu Full Contact Karate ,4th Dan Black Belt Ju-Jitsu, Filipino weaponry, Kong Fu) as well as in modern combat styles (Special Forces Krave Maga and Russian Systema) and with years of tactical and teaching experience.  

Nimrod is known for his overview and planning abilities, for his human interaction and communication skills. The simplicity and flow of his teachings expedite every learning process and make it understandable, applicable, fun and cost effective.


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